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There are many ways you can manifest something — whether you use the 5×5 manifestation method, ask the universe or, in this case, use a vision board. I’m not sure where I first came across the idea of creating a vision board, maybe in a magazine article or podcast many moons ago. What I can tell you is that it has become a yearly ritual that allows me to refocus, realign and redesign my life and goals as I see fit. Now in my tenth year, what always amazes me on reflection is how each goal big and small has somehow blossomed into my life.


More recently, I have share images of my vision board with friends, on my blog and social media. Over and over again people ask me the same question. How do you come up with your vision board? and why make a vision board at all?


Ok let’s get into how I create my vision board!


Firstly, when I first started out I would go the newsagent and purchase until copies of magazines. I would sit and pull out images and words that weren’t quite what I was looking for, but seemed to almost fit. I was approaching vision boarding In the same way I approached my every day life. I was looking for well planned and executed, rather than accepting it for the fluid creative process it is. I soon realised that when you create a board full of dreams that are almost right, you manifest situations that mirror exactly what you have asked for.


Now I collect images throughout the year, and place them in a box until its time to get busy creating a new vision. I find inspiration everywhere, from coffee shops to dentist surgery and when I can’t find exactly what I want I create it myself either by drawing a representation of that specific dream or snapping an image while out and about.


November seems to be my time of year to rummage through my box and do a final appraisal of what has been collected. We change so much in such short periods of time that sometimes we no longer need something we held so highly only a few months before.


As well as collecting images and words throughout the year, a few years ago I wondered how I could another layer of magic and power to my board. I decided to not only focus on a word for the year ahead but also how I wanted to feel that year. I then sat in meditation on the word, and those feelings and imprinted them into the blank canvas of my vision board with gentle yet powerful reiki energy.


The difference this has made on achieving my goals and manifesting what I want in my life is nothing short of a miracle. The rate at which opportunities arose after the first time using this additional step in the vision boarding process was astounding and all I can say is that you better be ready to say yes, as these arrive thick and fast and when you least expect them.


Why create a vision board at all?

Vision boards work both on the conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind sits there deciding what it is you want to achieve, picks the images or words and then you actively craft your board from the components you have chosen. Where the magic happens, is when the subconscious mind kicks in. You may have hung your vision board on your bedroom wall, you may have a copy in your cubicle at work or saved it as your phone or laptop screen saver.


The entire time you move through your day, through your interactions with others you subconscious mind is actively seeking out what you have placed on your board. It’s doing all the hard work for you, keeping your focussed on your goals and sending you whip cracking alarm bells when once comes into line of sight.


A great example on my current vision board (see image) is the practise of yoga. When I pasted this image onto my board last year all I really was hoping for was to improve and make my practise more regular. Not only did this happen but the seed was sown, from attending classes and not feeling connected to the philosophy I had been exposed to that I ended up completing yoga teacher training and holding my own classes just one year later.


I can talk about the power of vision boarding forever, why not experience it for yourself. I have put together a fun eBook with some quick tips on how to get started with your vision board.


Click here to download your Free Magical & Meaningful Manifestation eBook


If your looking for a more practical and interactive session, why not grab your friends and come along to my Meaningful & Magical Manifestation session. This is a half day session working with mediation, pranayama, goal setting activities and crafting of your vision board. All accompanied with a soulful high tea.


Workshop sessions are held in Sydney, Click here to reserve your spot


I’d love to see your creations, connect with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and use #MeaningfulMagical2016



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